prof. dr. sc. Melita Kovačević

prof. dr. sc. Bojana Dalbelo Bašic
prof. dr. sc. Ranko Matasović

Tajnica studija:
Katarina Kasanić
+385 1 4698 110
Requirements of Enrolment

All the students who completed a study programme in one of the areas of the doctoral programme i.e. the areas relevant for language and cognitive neuroscience, can apply. For example, psychology, medicine, biology, linguistics, logopedy, physics, computer science, and so on. The candidates with a degree from any Croatian or foreign university can apply, under the same terms.

Since some countries have already implemented the principles of the Bologna process which means that there are going to be some students with a Bologna-reform degree who might apply, the following candidates can be eligible for enrolment:

a) those with a master’s degree in line with the Bologna study system;
b) those with a postgraduate degree from the old system (in the Croatian system this means a master of science degree);
c) those with an undergraduate study degree from the old study system (a 4-year or a 5-year study).