prof. dr. sc. Melita Kovačević

prof. dr. sc. Bojana Dalbelo Bašic
prof. dr. sc. Ranko Matasović

Tajnica studija:
Katarina Kasanić
+385 1 4698 110

Competences That a Student Acquires upon the Programme’s Completion

Upon the completion of the study programme i.e. obtaining a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in the interdisciplinary area of language and cognitive neuroscience, the students will be able to continue their specialization at the postdoctoral level in Croatia or abroad, or start their academic career on some university institutions or institutes, or to start working in the public or the private sector.

The students will achieve competences essential for grasping all the processes related to the production and understanding of language, whether at the behavioural level, the neural level or in the relation to artificial cognitive systems.

 The students will get some first-hand experience in the use of modern investigating techniques and methodology concerning linguistic behaviour such as e.g. speech analysis, eye-movement analysis, brain imaging and computational models. Also, the competences in neural imaging and neurobiological research, but at the same time in the development of artificial neuronal networks will enable the degree-holders to apply their knowledge of the anatomic and neurophysiological aspects of human brain, particularly regarding language.

 The students will be able to shape new theoretical cognitive/neurocognitive models i.e. to conduct independent research of neurofunctional architectonics of key cognitive functions related to language. Also, due to the interdisciplinary nature of the study and the continued communication with different professions, the students will learn how to work in a team as an equal and productive participant in the process.