prof. dr. sc. Melita Kovačević

prof. dr. sc. Bojana Dalbelo Bašic
prof. dr. sc. Ranko Matasović

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Katarina Kasanić
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Accessibility for Student Mobility Within the Study Programme

The entire study programme is designed around the mandatory student mobility that may be realized at two levels: the teaching level and the research level. The students take part in creating their syllabuses and are given an opportunity to select courses among those offered within the framework of the study programme or choosing courses from other programmes at the University of Zagreb or at other Croatian universities, and eventually at foreign universities. The application of the ECTS system (which we designed with the help of a European expert for the ECTS elaboration and application, Professor Volker Goemlich) makes for student mobility at the local, national and European level.

Besides the total number of credits that have to be collected through lectures, the students are required to collect credits in each year through various forms of research. The students will be encouraged to carry out research i.e. participate in research teams not only in the labs at the University of Zagreb but also those outside the University of Zagreb and even Croatia. This approach, the same as in lectures, will enable their mobility.

The participating lecturers from American and especially European universities have showed willingness to enable our students to spend some time in their labs which will facilitate the mobility even more. This co-mentorship of researchers from different institutions and countries will additionally increase the mobility of all our students.