Courses by years and groups


Language-communication courses

Methodological and natural science - neurocognitive courses

Year 1

Bernhard Hurch

Cognitive foundations of grammar

Eric Halgren
Ksenija Marinkovic

Cognitive neurophysiology and neuropsychology I and II

Zrinka Jelaska

Fundamentals of linguistics

Branimir Jernej

Fundamentals of neurobiology

Marta Ljubesic

Early communication

Goranka Lugomer- Armano

Early cognitive development

Ranko Matasovic

Linguistic theories

Goranka Lugomer- Armmano

Critical overview of models of cognitive development

Dunja Pavlicevic-Franic

Grammar through communication

Milko Mejovsek

Scientific methods and data analysis



Selma Supek

Functional brain imaging

    Predrag Zarevski Memorizing, metacognition and intelligence

Year 2

Juraj Bakran Damir Horga

Processing phonetic information

Bojana Dalbelo Basic

Nerual networks

Marija Maja Brala

Cognitive semantics

Biserka Belicza

Ethics of scientific research

Patrick J. Devliger

Mind, lesion and communication

James Booth

Developmental cognitive neuroscience

Zrinka Jelaska

Second language

Hendrikus Duifkuis

Auditory biophysics

Melita Kovacevic

Language acquisition and development

Velimir Isgum

Neurophysiological singals in researching cognitive processes

Brian MacWhinney

Computational models of first and second language acquisition

Milos Judas

Developmental neurobiology of the cortex

Robert Van Valin

Theory of syntax

Marijan Klarica

Drugs and the brain

Ronnie Wilbur

Bilingualism, deafness and language impairments

Sven Loncaric

Image analysis and interpretation



Dean Rosenzweig




Selma Supek


    Zvonimir Šikic Logic and its applications

Year 3

Diana Arapovic

Analyses of narrative skills

Bojana Dalbelo Basic

Presenting knowledge and drawing conclusions in intelligent systems

Zrinjka Glovacki Bernardi

Text linguistics

Nada Besenski

Visualization of cortical speech areas by means of MR and functional MR

Melita Kovacevic

Language neuroscience

Branimir Jernej

Sinaptyc transmission and disorders

Ranko Matasovic

Comparative linguistics

Davor Petrinovic

Automatic recognition of speech

Csaba Pleh

Language processing in typologically different languages and different populations

Dean Rosenzweig

Processing of natural language

Zdravko Radman

Cognition in the context of the philosophy of the mind

Pavao Rudan

Anthropology - population biology of man

Marko Tadic

Computer and corpus linguistics

Robert Savoy

Functional magnetic resonance



Roger K. R. Thompson

Comparative cognition and behavior