prof. dr. sc. Melita Kovačević

prof. dr. sc. Bojana Dalbelo Bašic
prof. dr. sc. Ranko Matasović

Tajnica studija:
Katarina Kasanić
+385 1 4698 110

Title of the study: Language and cognitive neuroscience

Area: interdisciplinary area

Field: cognitive neuroscience

Organizer of the study: University of Zagreb, Center for Postgraduate Study

Innovativeness of the Doctoral Programme

The proposed programme of the doctoral study is remarkably interdisciplinary and combines knowledge from different areas and integrates it into novel insights. By linking lecturers and researchers from different institutions and areas, it is working towards the real and not declarative integrated university in which the students – the future new-style researchers – will be able to work in a new, interdisciplinary setting by using the knowledge bases of a variety of professions and scientific disciplines. Cognitive neuroscience has been globally recognized as one of the most intriguing interdisciplinary areas and in many developed countries has been identified as a national research priority because it enables arriving at novel, sophisticated insights relevant for developed society, the insights that elude individual disciplines. One of particularly intriguing topics for cognitive neuroscience is language. Namely, due to the typological differences among languages it is highly interesting for scientists to look into the correlates in language processing in different languages in order to arrive at what is universal and central for the research of that cognitive phenomenon in general.

Cooperating Institutions

I) Universities and institutes from Croatia:

a) University of Zagreb:
Faculty of Philosophy
Faculty of Science and Mathematics
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation
Medical Faculty
Croatian Institute for Brain Research

Institute “Ruđer Bošković”
Institute of Anthropology
Institute of   Philosophy

c) University of Split:
Faculty of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and Shipbuilding

II) Universities and institutes from Europe and the US:

Hungarian Academy of Science, Research Institute for Psychology
Technical University of Budapest, Department of Cognitive Science
Karl-Universität, Institut für Sprachwissenschaft
FC Donders Center for Cognitive Neuroscience
Institut Jožef Stefan

Northwestern University Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Psychology
Harvard Medical School, MGH-NMR Center
The Rowland Institute for Science, The MGH-NMR Center
Franklin & Marshall College, Whitely Psychology Laboratories
University of Buffalo, Department of Linguistics
Purdue University, ASL Linguistics Research Laboratory.